Popular dishes of Kazakh national cuisine

скачанные файлы

• beshbarmak (a dish of pieces of beef, lamb and horse meat with noodles)

• kabyrga (a dish of lamb breast with vegetables)

• sirne (a dish of roast lamb and potatoes)

• sorpa (meat soup, which is o
ften added to vegetables, herbs and onions)

• Kazakh manti (a pastry in which minced lamb and spices and a piece of sheep fat are wrapped)


In Almaty, Kazakhstan you can visit the restaurant “Gakku.” It specializes in preparing Kazakh dishes:

beshbarmak, steamed manti, kuyrdak, horsemeat steaks. It should be noted that you can order dishes that would be grilled for you on volcanic stones. And if you wish you can accommodate in the VIP-zone created as a real Kazakh yurt, and a table inside.

Holidays in Kazakhstan can be timed to the gastronomic festival “The Good Life” (May, Almaty), in which visitors are offered to taste culinary works of award-winning chefs and learn to cook them in the framework of master classes.


Cultural Holidays in Kyrgyzstan


Modern Kyrgyz culture has 3 different facets: city culture, village culture, and nomadic culture. For travelers interested in the country’s ancient nomadic roots, it is possible to stay with a modern nomadic family and witness how their lives work in the 21st century.


Kyrgyz nomads live in round, felt tents called yurts and move their herds to different locations a couple times a year.  Nomads line their yurts with colorful sleeping mats, make homemade dairy products for their table, and milk and tend to their flocks.  They are often up before the sun rises and finish working well after dark.  However, nomads are most famous for their lavish hospitality.  Staying as a guest with a nomadic family will let you see Central Asian hospitality first-hand.